3725 Positioner Installation (240/350cm2 - Fail Close)

How-To: Install a 3725 Positioner on a 3277 size 240/350cm2 Actuator


Step by Step Instructions:

  1. We'll begin by attaching the follower clamp to the actuator. With the opening on the right hand side, tighten the screw onto the grooved area of the stem.
  2. Ensure the gasket is correctly installed.
  3. Our valve has a 15mm nominal travel, therefore we’ll leave the follower pin on the back of the positioner at its default location of pin position 35. The correct pin positon can be identified by referring to the reference table in the installation manual.
  4. With the pneumatic connections pointing towards the right, attach the positioner to the actuator in such a manner that the follower pin rests on top of the follower clamp. Confirm the follower pin has been correctly installed by viewing from behind.
  5. Secure into place with the two captive screws provided.
  6. The rear cover can now be installed; note the vent port is always located on the bottom to allow for proper drainage.
  7. Securely mount the connection block making sure all o-rings are in place.
  8. Optional gauges can be mounted by removing the two plugs on the connection block.
  9. After removing the plugs, the two gauges can now be installed; one for air supply and one for the output signal.
  10. The included lock nuts will hold them firmly in place.
  11. The positioner is now installed and ready for calibration.



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