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3291 Control Valve


The 3291 control valve was specifically developed for heavy duty applications in the oil and gas industry. The construction is based on the proven SAMSON valve design, with one significant difference: while the seats in SAMSON valves are normally screwed in place, the 3291 has the seat held in place by a cage retainer.

Unlike typical cage guided control valves, the 3291 control valve utilizes a top and seat guided design by means of a V-port plug. This open flow-path design minimizes friction and allows for the passage of small particulates without clogging the valve or getting “trapped” between the piston and cage.





  • NPS ½ to 8 (other valve sizes on request)
  • Class 150 to 900 (further versions on request)
  • –198 to 450 °C (–325 to 842 °F)
  • A352 LCC, A216 WCC, A217 WC6, A351 CF3M, A351 CF8M
  • Flanges: all ANSI versions, Welding ends: according to ANSI B16.25
  • Metal seal, soft seal or high-performance metal seal (leakage class IV to VI)
  • Equal percentage, linear or on/off
  • 50 : 1 Rangeability
  • Clamped-in seat
  • No special tools required for maintenance
  • Proven design
  • Minimized wear at the seat and plug
  • High resistance to dirt deposits and leakage
  • For temperatures from –198 to 450°C
  • Particularly suitable for applications where crevice corrosion is expected to occur between the seat and body




Valve seats are inherently subject to natural wear and tear, particularly under the severe service conditions that exist in gas processing. As a result, ease of maintenance is a competitive advantage. The seat of the 3291 can be installed and removed very quickly without the need for special tools.

Compared to the valves with cages that are still widely used in the industry, the 3291 valve has yet another advantage. When a valve with a typical cage design is depressurized it is highly susceptible to dirt penetration. In addition, the piston-shaped plug is stroked inside the cage over a considerable distance.

Both factors favor the generation of score marks, cracks and leakage. The design of the 3291 largely eliminates such negative effects, significantly prolonging the valve’s service life and extending the service interval.




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