3241 Valve Assembly

HOW-TO: Assemble a 2" SAMSON 3241 Globe Valve 

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Begin by lubricating the threads of the seat before threading into the body. The seat will easily spin until it contacts the valve body. 

2. Now, the seat tool, support flange, and torque multiplier can be used to tighten the seat to the required torque specification. Install two nuts to hold the tools firmly to the valve body before using a torque wrench. 

3. When installing the body gasket, apply a small amount of grease on both sides to facilitate easy removal during maintenance and repair. 

4. Install the plug, note that the large V-shaped port of the plug faces towards the valve outlet. 

5. The valve bonnet can now be carefully placed on the body. Install the nuts onto the studs until snug. A torque wrench should be used to tighten the nuts. In a criss-cross fashion, tighten to 50% of the torque value, and then again to 100%. 

6. The packing nut can now be tightened until snug. 

7. The final step remaining is to loosely thread the locking nut and stem connector nut onto the plug stem. 

8. The valve is now ready for actuator installation.

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