3277 Actuator Installation

HOW-TO: Install a 3277 Actuator

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Begin by carefully placing the actuator onto the valve bonnet to avoid thread damage.

2. For this example we're using a 3-15 psi actuator, apply approximately 20psi to retract the stem. This allows us to install the ring nut without causing any damage to the plug and seat sealing surfaces. Thread on the ring nut and lock into position.

3. To set the bench range, apply a pressure equal to the lower bench range; 3 psi in our case.

4. Push down on the plug to make sure it’s firmly pressed into the seat. Raise the stem connector nut until it makes contact with the actuator stem and add an additional ¼ turn. Then, raise the lock nut and secure into position with two wrenches.

5. The stem connector clamp is now installed to mechanically link the actuator stem to the plug.

6. If necessary, adjust the travel indicator to the correct position.

7. Actuator installation is now complete.

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