3730-3 Positioner Installation (120cm)

HOW-TO: Install a 3730 Positioner on a 3277-120cm2 Actuator

Step by Step Instructions:

1. We must first install the follower clamp to the actuator stem. When doing so, install with the opening toward the right hand side. Secure into place with the screw postioned in the grooved area of the stem. 

2. Fasten the mounting plate to the integrated positioner mount. The narrow side points to the right, towards the pneumatic connections. 

3. Our valve has a 15mm nominal travel, therefore we’ll leave the follower pin on the back of the positioner at its default location of pin position 35. 

4. The 120cm2 actuator has internal pneumatic porting, therefore it is necessary to remove the screw on the back of the positioner. 

5. With the gasket in place, mount the positioner to the mounting bracket; make sure the follower pin is resting on top of the follower clamp. Secure with the two screws provided. 

6. Confirm the positioner linkage moves freely by rotating the knob on the front of the positioner. 

7. Install the rear cover with the vent port on the bottom. 

8. Install the air supply to the top port of the positioner, and block the bottom port. 

9. Adjust the switchover plate to correspond with the actuator fail position and orientation of the positioner. 

10. The positoner is now installed and ready for calibration. 

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