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3525 Globe Control Valve

The SAMSON 3525 has been designed to meet the increasing demand for on/off and basic control valves in the upstream and midstream oil & gas markets....

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To our Customers

We apologize for any inconvenience the recent power outages in the Houston area have caused you in our response time....

3525 Globe Control Valve

The SAMSON 3525 has been designed to meet the increasing demand for on/off and basic control valves in the upstream and midstream oil & gas markets.

3522 Globe Control Valve

The 3522 globe control valve is designed for standard process applications with high industrial requirements for control and quality.

Volume Boosters & Quick Exhaust Valves

Large control valves are frequently mated to pneumatic actuators requiring a significant amount of volume to operate.

3291 Globe Control Valve

The 3291 control valve was specifically developed for heavy duty applications in the oil and gas industry.

SAMSON Welcomes Matheson Valves

SAMSON is proud to partner with Matheson Valves as our authorized representative for southern Ontario.

Application Solutions - Hygienic & Aseptic Valves

Germs don’t stand a chance when it comes to our aseptic and hygienic valves. SAMSON offers complete solutions for process control, point of use, and general utility service for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology applications.

Celebrating 111 Years!

Celebrating its 111th anniversary, SAMSON would like to extend our gratitude to the employee's that have joined the SAMSON family, our dedicated partner network, and to all the valued customers who have trusted us as their number one choice as val

3281 Steam Conditioning Valve

Sometimes things get hot and steamy… Thankfully, the 3281 steam conditioning valve keeps it’s cool and provides both desuperheating and pressure reduction in one easy to use package.

How-To Guide: Change Actuator Fail Action (Fail Close to Fail Open)

Have a change in your process? Reusing an existing valve for a new application? If you’re not sure how to change the fail action of our actuators let us show you how.

Ceramic Lined Ball, Sliding Disk, and Pipe/Flexible Hose

There are situations where conventional valve materials cannot meet the demands of all industrial applications. Where they fail, high-performance ceramic materials open up new opportunities.

Vision Process Solutions - Our Newest SAMSON Service Facility

In light of SAMSON’s strategic roadmap that emphasizes on improving our market positioning in Canada, we wanted to establish a goal to help grow the business and increase customer support in Quebec by improving our products, marketing, and increas

SAMSON Acquires SED Flow Control

In September 2017, specialty valve manufacturer SED Flow Control headquartered in Bad Rappenau Germany joined the SAMSON team.

SAMSON STORY - New SAMSON Facility Located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

SAMSON North America is pleased to launch our SAMSON Story Newsletter which aims at informing our customers, partners, and staff of the development of our company; and the numerous initiatives that we are implementing on the road to becoming the l

Hurricane Harvey

First and foremost, we would like to thank our media for keeping us informed of the potential devastation of Hurricane Harvey. This timely information allowed most of us to get somewhat prepared for this unprecedented disaster.

SAMSON USA Celebrates 25 Years


SAMSON CONTROLS Reaches 25th Anniversary in US


SAMSON Implements C-TPAT

SAMSON will join over 10,000 companies worldwide by implementing the US Customs and Border Security Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program best practices at the new larger manufacturing and logistics facility in Baytown, TX.

SAMSON Expands Representative Network

Having a combined salesforce of almost 300, this representative network gives SAMSON customers greater access to its high-quality linear and rotary line of control valves and accessories.

To our Customers

We apologize for any inconvenience the recent power outages in the Houston area have caused you in our response time.

Predicting Cavitation Damage in Control Valves

Cavitation can occur when the pressure of the process media changes as it passes through a control valve, resulting in increased noise and possible damage of the valve.

How Steam Conditioning Valves Improve Your Process

Steam Pressure and Temperature control – In one unit.

Improved Control Valve Sizing for Multiphase Flow

Process media in the chemical and petrochemical industries can be comprised of a gas/vapor and liquid phase as it enters a control valve. This article examines the calculations for sizing control valves that are used in such processes.

Safety in the Process Industry

Human error and technical failures have caused some of the worst chemical and petrochemical accidents. This article responds to the changing responsibilities and roles of the many entities involved in preventing such accidents.

Partial Stroke Testing for Final Elements

Partial stroke testing means partial movement of the safety valve without interfering with the operation process in any way.

Diagnostic Tools for Control Valves

Digital positioners offer features regarding improved process plant reliability and maintenance.

Cutting Costs Using Self-Operated Regulators

Self-operating regulators have existed for over 100 years to control temperature and pressure of process media. This article outlines how cost effective these regulators can be.

Control Valves with Extremely Fast and Precise Positioning Capabilities

Some industrial processes, such as the Parex™ process in the petrochemical process or compressor bypass control in the energy sector, need valves with quick and precise acting movements. This article examines those processes and the control needs

Enhanced Reliability for Final Elements

Process valves can be the most decisive factor for measuring and calculating the SIL Level for the safety instrumented function (SIF).

Control Valve Design Aspects for Critical Applications in Petrochemical Plans

In the oil and gas market sector, many valves are high power [∆p x flow] converters and in combination with fluid corrosion and fluid contamination the valve body and trim may be parts subject to wear.

Seat Leakage Detection

Seat leakage may not be detected from the outside of a valve if the tight shut-off is impaired causing deterioration of control.  This article examines how uncovering seat leakage can be done using appropriate sensors.

Plant Design and Control Valve Selection Under Increasing Cost and Time Pressure

Designing plants under current time constraints has proved difficult for engineers possibly resulting in "quick and dirty" sizing of control valves.

Control Valves for Critical Applications

In refineries the process media flowing through valves are primarily liquids. With liquids, critical operating conditions caused by cavitation or flashing may occur.

Implementation of Safety-Instrumented Systems in the Process Industry – SIL in Practice

Standards for handling safety-instrumented systems have become widely accepted, but when to implement them in daily operations can lead to uncertainty.