Self Operated Regulators

Pressure Regulators

2333 - Pilot Operated Pressure Reducing Regulator

Set Point Range: 30 to 400psi (2 to 28bar)

Size: 6" to 16"

ANSI Class: 125 to 300

Temperature Range: Upto 660oF (350oC)

The Type 2333 pilot operated universal pressure reducing regulator is a large size regulators (6" -16") designed to work in all general industrial applications. A pressure reducing valve is used for controlling the downstream pressure (p2) to an adjusted set point. The design of a pressure reducing regulator valve is to close when the downstream pressure rises above a set value.

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Features & Benefits

  • Low-maintenance proportional regulators requiring no auxiliary energy
  • Particularly favorable control properties, while the offset remains small
  • Easy set point adjustment on the pilot valve
  • Single-seated globe valve with flanged body
  • Regulators delivered ready-to-install

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