Linear Actuators for Industrial Applications

3379 - Pneumatic Piston Actuator (Hygienic & Aseptic)

The Type 3379 Pneumatic actuator with spring-return mechanism is designed to be used in conjunction with a control valve suitable for the hygienic application of food and beverage as well as life sciences industries. This actuator is design with a smooth stainless steel surface that allows for easy cleaning. All moving parts are located inside the housing for improved process safety.

The design includes a visual indicator of valve positon as well as internal air routing to prevent air or water from entering the device.

Additional components for controlling the valve movement, such as a 3724 positioner or 4740 limit switch, can be internally incorporated into the actuator housing.

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Features & Benefits

  • Simple and efficient cleaning is made possible by smooth surfaces and by a well-rounded transition between positioner and actuator that was designed into the assembly.
  • Positioner and actuator have rugged housings made of stainless steel with the overall design of the assembly being very compact and tailored to work optimally together.
  • All moving parts are located inside the housing, which ensures a high level of process safety for the operator as well final product.
  • The valve position can be easily read off an indicator at the top of the housing.
  • A compact and sleek design allows for optimal space utilization in most installations.
  • The unit is designed to allow the actuator and positioner to be aligned as desired.