Globe Valves

Heavy Duty Industrial Applications

3525 - Globe Control Valve

Size: 1" to 3"

ANSI Class: 600 to 1500 (and 1700)

Std. Materials: Cast Steel A352 LCC

Temperature Range: -50 to 400oF (-46 to 204oC)

The Type 3525 threaded seat high pressure on/off control valve is used in upstream oil and gas production.

The Type 3525 high pressure on/off control valve has a standard design requiring few options as the scheme is intended for a specialized application. The valve is assembled with a pneumatic or electric actuator as well as an optional hand wheel that can be added to the control valve construction.

These control valves are designed according to the modular assembly principle, can be equipped with various accessories associated with on/off control such as limit switches and solenoid valves.

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Features & Benefits

  • Easy separation of yoke and valve body
  • Large hex for easy bonnet removal
  • Safe bonnet pressure relief
  • Easy seat removal with a hex key
  • Large hex ends that allow easy and safe installation and removal