Control Valve Accessories


3725 - Compact Positioner

Operation: Linear or rotary

Travel/Rotation: 50mm or 100o

Display: Alphanumeric LCD

Features: Auto calibration & tuning.

The Type 3725 electro-pneumatic positioner is designed to work with light industrial applications and control valve designs. This positioner is an ideal fit for these markets with its easy self-calibration and auto-tuning function and basic features.

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Features & Benefits

  • Compact simple electro-pneumatic positioner design to address light industrial applications
  • Proven SAMSON Positioner Technology with Automatic Initialization and High Control Accuracy
  • Spring compression electrical connection do not require instrument screwdriver
  • Unit will attach to both linear and rotary actuators, independent of Fail Safe Action or Moving Direction, and allows for the display to rotate 180­
  • Programmable via a scrollable menu list with three push button inputs
  • Automatic calibration and initialization allows for easy of setup

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