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3730-0 - Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

Operation: Linear

Travel: Up to 200mm

Input: DIP switches and potentiometers

Control: PD

Calibration & Tuning: Configured using DIP switches & Potentiometers

The Type 3730-0 electro-pneumatic positioner is a basic control positioner designed to work in general industrial applications. This positioner can work with single-acting linear control valve inherently and double-acting linear control valve with the addition of a reversing amplifier.The basic design of the positioner is tailored for SAMSON control valves with predefined travel spans programable via DIP switch inputs.The potentiometer-based travel sensor of the Type 3730-0 is not susceptible to wear often found in gear-based travel sensors.The travel range of the Type 3730-0 can be restricted up to 1/5 maximum stroke as well as operated in split range.The analog (continuous) pneumatic output prevents pulsing operations in case of leaking actuator.

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Features & Benefits

  • Simple attachment to common linear actuators.
  • Fast-acting analog controller offer high control accuracy without dead band
  • Low steady state air consumption less than 0.06 scfm at all supply pressures
  • Aluminum or optional Stainless-Steel housing.
  • Up to SIL 3 capable device
  • Zero and span adjusted by potentiometers
  • Fail-safe position is selected by DIP switch S1
  • Defined SAMSON rated travel is set by DIP switches S2 & S3
  • Direction of action selected by DIP switch S4
  • Output pressure limitation of 35 psi enabled by DIP switch S5
  • Reduce standard positioner gain by DIP switch S6
  • Set point range of 4 to 20mA, 4 to 12mA or 12 to 20mA selected by DIP switches S7 & S8
  • Tight-closing function with fixed switching point enabled by DIP switches S9 & S10



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