Control Valve Accessories


3730 - Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

Operation: Linear or Rotary

Travel: 200mm and up

The Type 3730 electro-pneumatic positioner series is designed to work with general industrial applications. This positioner series includes several model versions to meet any end user or process requirements. Basic control positioners are the 3730-0 and 3730-1.

Starting with the 3730-2 the positioner includes full function parameterization and advanced diagnostics. Above the 3730-2 SAMSON introduces communication protocol such as HART (3730-3), Profibus (3730-4), and Foundation Fieldbus (3730-5). Full function parameterization includes characterizing the reference variable, travel range, characteristic (i.e. linear and equal percentage), and performance characteristics (i.e. PID control coefficients). Advance diagnostics includes functions like status message logging, data logging, histograms (travel setpoint deviation, and cycle counter), drive signals (steady and hysteresis), end position trending, static characteristic testing, partial stroke testing, and full stroke testing.

The latest addition to the 3730 series is the 3730-6 which is an upgraded version of the 3730-3 with HART that includes pressure sensors to monitor supply and output pressures.

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Features & Benefits

  • Positioner comes with premier control performance & diagnostic functionality standard
  • Low steady state air consumption less than 0.06 scfm at all supply pressures
  • Unit will attach to both linear and rotary actuators, independent of Fail Safe Action or Moving Direction, and allows for the display to rotate 180­.
  • One positioner can handle both Control and On/Off applications.

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