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3766 - Pneumatic Positioner

The Type 3766 (pneumatic) and Type 3767 (electro-pneumatic) single or double acting positioners are designed to work with general industrial applications. These positioners can be mounted to linear actuators via IEC NAMUR or direct mounting (Type 3277 actuator) as well as be mounted on a rotary actuator according to VDI/VDE 3845 with the addition of an intermediate piece.

These positioners are basic models ideal for application not requiring advanced or smart features but requiring precise control performance.

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Features & Benefits

  • Compact pneumatic and analog electro-pneumatic positioner design for general industry
  • Positioner capable of normal and split range operations as well as reversible operating
  • The positioner provides excellent dynamic response and low supply air consumption.
  • Adjustable proportional band gain as well as air output capacity to meet quick stroke times
  • Can be mounted in oscillatory process with an insensitive to mechanical vibration
  • Low maintenance design reduces undesired plant upsets
  • Can be mounted NAMUR or directly to the SAMSON direct mount design actuators

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