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3793 - Electro-Pneumatic Positioner (HART)

SAMSON 3793 Positioner (Front View)
SAMSON 3793 Positioner (Back View)

Operation: Linear and Rotary (Independent of Fail-Safe Action or Moving Direction)

Travel/Rotation: Up to 300mm or 170o

Input: Single Multi-Turn Push Button

Display: Alphanumeric LCD with Plain Text and ability to rotate display 180o

Communications: HART

Control: PID

Calibration & Tuning: Auto Calibration with Four Different Initialization Modes


The TROVIS 3793 electro-pneumatic positioner with HART communication is designed to simplify the complexity found in high-end applications and larger sized valves in a variety of industrial processes.  With up to two independent pneumatic modules that are field replaceable, the TROVIS 3793 is suited for single or double acting control valves.  The increased volume capacity of each pneumatic module along with the ability to utilize two pneumatic modules expands the range of actuator sizes that can be accurately and optimally controlled without the use of a volume booster.  A special dual pneumatics module configuration for single action optimally controls valve movements of any stroke length with exact precision. The modular design concept was extended to the optional features of the positioner allowing for the addition, replacement and removal of various optional modules in the field.


The ease-of-use found in the 373X-X Series has been improved. Designing the mounting footprint to be identical to the 373X-X Series allows for easy in-field upgrades and utilization of an existing database of mounting kits.  A major improvement in device attachment is the internal non-contact position sensor to tackle application that exhibit instantaneous pressure surges that could damage mechanical linkages. The HMI (human machine interface) comprises the same type of multi-turn push button and LC-display as found in the 373X Series but with clear plain text for a simplified user experience when performing functions like self-calibration or auto-tune as well as when reading diagnostic information.

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Features & Benefits

  • Optimized Control Performance Tuning provides precise & rapid movement of a control valve.
  • Integrated Advanced Diagnostics offering entire service life valve analysis based on pressure sensors with 400 event logger, dual end position monitoring, storage of reports in positioner, enriched analysis via graphical overlay, step response test, and performance related warnings.
  • Protected internal non-contact travel sensor maintains a physical connection while handling severe process impulses such as instantaneous pressure surge or water hammer.
  • Modular design simple addition or exchange of pneumatic & electronic components in the field.
  • Modular pneumatics allow device to be tailored for single action, double action, single action high capacity, double action high capacity or two independent channel single action operation.
  • Modular electronics allow device to be fitted with two of the following: forced venting, two limit switches (software, inductive, or mechanical), analog position transmitter, or binary input.