Self Operated Regulators

Pressure Regulators

41-73 - Pressure Regulator (Excess Pressure)

Set Point Range: 0.75 to 400psi (0.05 to 28bar)

Size: 1/2" to 4"

ANSI Class: 125 to 300

Temperature Range: 15 to 660oF (-10 to 350oC)

The Type 41-73 self-operated universal excess pressure regulator is a standard size regulator (1/2" - 4") designed to work with in all general industrial applications. An excess pressure valve is used to control the upstream pressure (p1) to an adjusted set point. The design of an excess pressure regulator valve is to open when the upstream pressure rises above the set value.

These valves are self-operated in that the upstream pressure being controlled is tapped upstream of the valve and transmitted via a control line to the operating diaphragm of the Type 41-73 where it is converted into a positioning force.

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Features & Benefits

  • Low-maintenance proportional regulator requiring no auxiliary energy
  • Frictionless plug stem seal with stainless steel bellows
  • Wide set point range and easy set point adjustment over a nut
  • Exchangeable actuator and positioning springs
  • Spring-loaded, single-seated valve with upstream and downstream pressure balancing by a stainless steel bellows
  • Soft-seated plug for better shut-off performance
  • Low noise standard plug and special versions with Flow Divider 1 and 3
  • All wetted parts are free of non-ferrous metal

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