Self Operated Regulators

Temperature Regulators

43-5 - Temperature Regulator (Heating)

Set Point Range: 30 to 300oF (0 to 150oC)

Size: 1/2" to 2"

ANSI Class: 250

Temperature Range: Upto 300oF (150oC)

The Type 43-5 self-operated temperature regulator is designed to work in all general industrial applications. This temperature regulators is a balanced design with flanged and threaded end connections. Temperature regulator Types 43-5 is used for heating installations.

All temperature regulators consist of a balanced globe valve with a control thermostat containing a set point adjustment ring, a capillary tube and a temperature sensor which functions according to the adsorption principle.

The valve closes as the temperature rises in heating regulators.

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Features & Benefits

  • Self-operated proportional regulators requiring little maintenance
  • Temperature sensor suitable for any installation position and permissible excess temperature of 120­F above the set point adjusted, designed for operating pressures up to 580 psig
  • Globe valves with a plug balanced by a bellows
  • Compact design and a particularly low overall height
  • Suitable for liquids, gases and vapors

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