Linear Actuators for HVAC Applications

5824 & 5825 - HVAC Electric Linear Actuator

Application: Electric Actuator for HVAC and Light Industry.

Rated Travel: 6 to 15 mm

Available Thrust: Upto 0.7 kN

Options: Integrated Positioner, Limit Switches, Fail Safe Action

The Type 5824 electric linear actuator without fail-safe action and the Type 5825 electric linear actuator with fail-safe action are designed for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

The linear actuators are particularly suitable for attachment to SAMSON Types 3260, 3222, 3226, 3213, 3214 and V2001 Valves. In addition, they can be used as additional electric actuators on self-operated differential pressure and áow regulators.

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Features & Benefits

  • Type 5824 Actuator without fail-safe action and Type 5825 with fail-safe action.
  • Three-step version with synchronous motor and maintenance-free gear or version with digital positioner and stepper motor
  • Motor switched off by torque-dependent limit switches
  • Type 5824 with manual override (handwheel)
  • Optional three-step versions: With faster motor (half the standard transit time), with two adjustable limit contacts, and with resistance transmitter
  • Digital positioner
  • Direction of action reversed by slide switch
  • Momentary travel calculated from transit time
  • Operating status and errors indicated by LEDs
  • Adjustable positioning speeds
  • Blocking protection
  • Adjustable input and output signal ranges
  • Configuration, parameterization, diagnostic function and direct connection for monitoring using the TROVIS-VIEW software: Direct data transmission using a connecting cable (direct connection to PC) or Data transmission over a memory pen.

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