Specialty Valves

Axial Flow Control Valves

ANCV - Axial Nozzle Check Valve

Size: 4" to 60"

ANSI Class: 150 to 1500

Std. Materials: Carbon Steel (Special Materials on Request)

Temperature Range: Up to 650oC

The axial nozzle check valve is the preferred solution for preventing return flow or shocks on critical process equipment. Typically used on rotating devices and systems where low pressure loss, stable operation, and smooth dynamic behaviour is essential.

Often it does not become evident until a plant is operating that the selected non-return valves slam heavily and produce high pressure peaks that damage surrounding equipment.

The inherent non-slam characteristic of this axial nozzle check valve is achieved because the valve reacts so quickly to flow changes, ensuring no reverse flow or shocks occur within the piping system.

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Features & Benefits

  • Low pressure drop and turbulence due to streamlined flow path
  • Tight shut-off with metal-to-metal sealing
  • Extremely long service life due to its inherent non-slam characteristic
  • Very stable during operation due to smooth operating behaviour

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