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TROVIS 6620 - I / O Module

The Type TROVIS 6620 I/O Module for connection to TROVIS 6610 CPU Module. The I/O module records the analog and digital input signals of connected sensors. Digital signals to be processed by the CPU module are transmitted over the bus. The data recorded by the CPU module are, in turn, transmitted by the I/O module as analog or digital signals to the control valves.

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Features & Benefits

  • The I/O module provides 20 physical channels of which 10 are universal inputs for use with either analog or binary signals.
  • Analog inputs as Pt 1000 (two-wire), 0 to 10 V DC, 0 to 2000 _
  • Binary inputs optionally as normally closed or normally open contacts, status indicated by LEDs, binary inputs 1 and 2 as counter inputs (1 kHz)
  • Six binary outputs including 250 V AC/3 A (resistive) coupling relay, status indicated by LEDs
  • Four analog 0 to 10 V DC outputs

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