Rotary Actuators

Type R - Standard Duty Rolling Diaphragm Pneumatic Rotary Actuator

Size: 85 to 470cm2

Max. Rotation: 90o

Max Torque: 750 Nm

Options: Handwheel

The Vetec Type R pneumatic rolling diaphragm actuator is designed for all industrial applications. This actuator is a rotary motion device ideal for all types of rotary valves. The torque output of the actuator depends on the actuator area, pneumatic supply pressure, spring stiffness, distance traveled, initial compression of the spring, the number of springs internal to the actuator, etc.

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Features & Benefits

  • Rolling diaphragm offers increased precision and reduced hysteresis compared to stretching diaphragms.
  • The very long travel of the actuator ensures high torque and very fine control
  • The actuator can be equipped with additional manual gears for override operation
  • Travel stops are ideal to prevent over rotating valve beyond fully seated or fully open position.
  • This actuator can be attached in four different positions to meet the fail-safe and rotation directions as well be inline or perpendicular to pipeline.

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