SAMSON Market Solutions


The petroleum refining industry with its vast number of final products is a vital component to our modern global economy.

Fields of applications


A petroleum refinery is a specialized chemical plant that is essential in the downstream side of petroleum industry. Refining uses much of the same technology that is found in a traditional chemical plant and refines the raw material to be suitable for use in the petrochemical plant. The products offered by SAMSON are designed to meet the specialized nature of the refinery with all its specific requirements.

SAMSON products are suitable as the basic building block for refineries such as process feed, fuel gas feed, reflux, bottom product, pressure control, overhead product, and reboil valves found in furnace and distillation columns. In addition, SAMSON products will be used for all types of refining units including light ends unit, crude, delayed coking, hydrotreater, hydrocracker, catalytic reformer, fluid catalytic cracker, alkylation, amine, sulfur recovery, and blending units. We supply modular control valves in all pressure ratings, materials and styles at short notice.

Innovative valve accessories, such as our smart positioners for integral attachment, ensure the safe exchange of data in the process and allow for predictive maintenance. We develop and produce highly specialized valve series for unusual control tasks. In addition, we provide tailored valves to meet the specific requirements defined by the customer.