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The SAMSON GROUP is a one-stop shop for the full range of high-quality and state-of-the-art control equipment used in industrial processes. We bring together highly specialized companies that develop and manufacture control valves to meet all requirements, from forged ball valves to bypass valves installed in steam turbines.

As a result, we are able to provide the entire control technology from a single source to comply with the requirements set by complex projects and unusual control challenges.



For over 100 years, SAMSON has developed and manufactured control equipment for industrial processes. From rugged self-operated regulators to highly specialized control valves for industrial processes, our broad product range includes valves to meet all requirements. Control valves are our key products. We manufacture them in all common sizes, in standard materials and exotic alloys, equipped with different actuators, tailor made for the specific demands of each application.

Of course, we also master valve accessories: SAMSON positioners set the standards in this segment with their reliability, accuracy and versatility. They communicate using all common protocols and bus systems, and can be integrated seamlessly into current process control systems.

Most of our control valves and accessories are developed and manufactured at our SAMSON headquarters located at Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In-house manufacturing ensures highest product quality and reliability.


LEUSCH specializes in valves in large nominal sizes. The valves in sizes up to DN 2500 or NPS 100 are mainly used in refineries or petrochemical plants. Key products include control and shut-off butterfly valves, gate valves, ball valves and segmented ball valves with soft or metal-to-metal seats.

The butterfly valves made by LEUSCH are especially designed to withstand extremely high or low temperatures as well as high pressures. LEUSCH's product range comprises valves for temperatures between -196 °C and +1000 °C in pressure ratings up to PN 420 or ANSI Class 2500.


Pfeiffer specializes in producing valves with high-grade linings made of PTFE or PFA. Lining the intricately shaped inside surfaces of a valve is certainly an engineering challenge, especially to achieve a uniform thickness and the highest lining quality, without cavities or inclusions. Various ceramic linings as well as globe valves, butterfly valves and ball valves made of stainless steel and exotic alloys, such as titanium and tantalum, complete Pfeiffer's product range.

An additional area of Pfeiffer's expertise is turnkey pigging installations. The company specializes in planning and manufacturing turnkey pigging systems tailored to the customers' specific needs. Pigs are run through a pipeline section to efficiently clean out excess liquids and solids. This reduces product loss and allows different media to run through the same pipe after one another without being mixed or contaminated.


STARLINE specializes in particularly high-quality forged ball valves. Above all, they are used at pressures exceeding 40 bar or high temperatures to completely shut off the medium flow running through a pipeline. The advantages of STARLINE valves include the particularly long service life and their certification for critical processes.

Thanks to the close cooperation between STARLINE and nearby AIR TORQUE, STARLINE can equip its ball valves with pneumatic actuators that are specifically designed to actuate ball valves. STARLINE products are often used in the oil and gas industry, with emphasis on providing control solutions for oil and gas exploration, offshore operations, refineries, pipeline transport and gas compression. Additional applications of the ball valves include power plant engineering, the pulp and paper industry as well as seawater desalination plants.


VETEC specializes in rotary plug valves. They are mainly used in processes where high flow rates and low or medium pressure drops are frequently encountered. VETEC's Maxifluss rotary plug valves combine the advantages of conventional globe valves, butterfly valves and ball valves into one instrument.

Thanks to the double eccentric design of the rotary plug, it only comes into contact with the valve seat when the valve is completely closed; the plug and seat do not touch even when the valve is only slightly open. An added benefit of the valves is that, when they close, any fibers contained in the process medium are cut off and cannot impair the valves' proper functioning. Tight valve shut-off is guaranteed even at high pressure drops, while a high rangeability ensures precise control. The plug does not obstruct the flow path when the valve is open and, as a result, the fluid can flow through the entire cross-section of the pipe.


CERA SYSTEM is the leading technological pioneer in industrial valves and pipe components with ceramic linings. Conventional valve materials are not fit to meet the demands of all industrial applications. Where they fail, high-performance ceramic materials open up new opportunities. Ceramics prove to be beneficial wherever standard materials reach their limits in resistance to wear, corrosion and high temperatures.

CERA SYSTEM constantly develops new fields of application in close cooperation with its customers. Thorough sizing, testing, manufacturing and supply as well as an excellent after-sales service ensure customer satisfaction. Solutions by CERA SYSTEM provide an economic benefit in many fields of application.


RINGO VÁLVULAS is well known for its large valves with high pressure ratings and wide temperature ranges, specifically designed for critical applications in the oil and gas sector and for power stations. The company's wide product range includes ball valves, control valves, gate, globe and check valves, choke valves and axial flow valves.

Additionally, special valves in the portfolio are engineered for use under extreme conditions, e.g. in offshore, subsea and upstream service, at low temperatures as well as in safety systems.


AIR TORQUE is a worldwide leading manufacturer of pneumatic part-turn actuators for the automation of rotary valves with opening angles up to 180° and torques up to 10,000 Nm. In addition to the standard single-acting and double-acting versions, three-position actuators and actuators with adjustable hydraulic speed control are available. Seven different anti-corrosive coatings as well as versions made entirely of stainless steel allow the actuators to be used in all conditions.

Technical highlights of the AIR TORQUE actuators include the external travel stop adjustment and the involute gearing of the rack and pinion, which converts the linear motion into a smooth rotary movement. The superior production quality and the use of first-rate materials guarantee a long service life of the actuators, which are certified to comply with ATEX, SIL and DNV requirements as well as numerous customer-specific approval requirements.


SAMSOMATIC specializes in providing modern turnkey systems for process and building automation as well as production engineering applications. The broad range of system-related services offered extends from the consultation and planning stages through production and commissioning to final validation of the finished plant.

The process automation segment at SAMSOMATIC provides individual automation solutions, ranging from simple control loops to modern process control systems. Furthermore, the product range includes solenoid valves and limit switches to control and monitor actuators operating in hazardous areas and safety circuits. To serve the building automation and district heating sectors, SAMSOMATIC specializes in supplying tailor-made systems with customized software solutions and innovative products. In addition, size control systems and tool correction systems are provided to cover applications in production engineering.


KT-Elektronik specializes in controllers for heating systems and district heating stations that ensure the best-possible yield of the primary energy resources used. The controllers' specifically tuned configurations also allow the heating systems to be highly automated. The heating controllers are designed for large buildings and can be linked to building automation systems. Thanks to KT-Elektronik's energy-saving solar controllers, the received solar energy can be converted into stored heat with highest efficiency.


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