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New Control Solution with Proven Parts Type 3291 Valve

The valve was specifically developed for application in the oil and gas industry. Its construction is based on the proven SAMSON valve design, but instead of being screwed in place, the valve's seat is clamped in. Contrary to the widespread cage valves, the SAMSON valve generates very little friction during operation and is resistant to dirt deposits and leakage.

Full Documentation Series 290

Globe Valve Type 3291
Angle Valve Type 3296

Flyer: Type 3291 Globe Valve
SAMSON magazine Issue 16, Innovations(page 4 to 7): Built to Resist

Electronic Limit Switches for On/off Valves


  • High level of accuracy and reliability
  • Easy mounting on the actuator
  • Compact, rugged design
  • Easy operation on site or from a computer
  • Integrated diagnostics with partial stroke testing (PST)
  • Type 3738-20 with NAMUR contact and 24 V solenoid valve
  • Type 3738-50 with FOUNDATION™ fieldbus communication

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Electronic Limit Switch Type 3738
Flyer: Electronic Limit Switches

Type 3725 Positioner


  • Three touch-sensitive keys for convenient operation
  • Intuitive operation with LCD and simple menu navigation
  • Automatic initialization
  • UV-resistant housing
  • Simple and quick attachment
  • Non-contact position sensing using a magnetoresistive sensor
  • Low-priced control valve assembly

Full Documentation

Electropneumatic Positioner Type 3725
Flyer: Small, But Intense


The New Standard in Dump Valve Technology. Type 3525: The "Little Beaver"

The dump valve designed for oil and gas processing

  • Compressors
  • Separators
  • Meter skids
  • Knockdown vessel
  • Vapour recovery
  • Dehydration unit
  • Refrigeration plant
  • Sweetening unit
  • Scrubbers
  • Fractionation

Standard features

  • A352 LCC body
  • Stellite 6 plug and seat
  • Field-adjustable flow
  • HSN or HNBR O-rings
  • Low-emission packing
  • NACE MR0175/ISO 15156 service


  • Tungsten carbide plug and seat

Full Documentation

Globe Valve Type 3525
Flyer: Dump it with the best

Aseptic Valves

Germs don't stand a chance in the body of the Type 3347 Aseptic Valve, which has no dead spaces because the process medium only touches parts made of polished stainless steel.

The Type 41-23 and Type 41-73 Pressure Regulators are suitable for liquids, gases and vapors. They do not need any auxiliary energy as the energy required to regulate is taken from the process medium.

Full Documentation

Hygienic Angle Valve Type 3347
Universal Pressure Reducing Valve Type 41-23
Universal Excess Pressure Valve Type 41-73

AC-Trims to Combat Cavitation

Key Functions and Options

Optimized trims for low-noise pressure letdown of liquids

  • Reducing vibrations
  • Less noise emissions and erosion
  • Improved operational reliablity

Full Documentation

Pneumatic Control Valves with AC-1 or AC-2 Trim
Pneumatic Control Valves with AC-3 Trim
Flyer: AC-Trims to Combat Cavitation

The valve that came out of the cold

Do you get the shivers everytime you have to select a valve for cold box applications?

Cool down... with SAMSON's Type 3248 Cryogenic Valve, temperatures down to -320 °F (-196 °C) will be covered. With an extended isolating section, the actuaton and accessories are protected from catching a cold. And thanks to the service-free bellows seal, all maintenance can be done with a cool smile. Don't jump into the cold by yourself, let SAMSON's experience help solve the problem.

Full Documentation

Pneumatic Control Valve Type 3248
Brochure: Products for Cryogenic Applications

An all-around talent

In SAMSON's Series 3730 Positioners, everything revolves around just one rotary pushbutton: turn to select parameters, press to activate them. The large display is your window to the system. Alternatively, you can easily configure the positioner from a PC using the TROVIS-VIEW software.

The positioners are easy to integrate into any loop of field devices over HART or FOUNDATION Fieldbus.

Its range of functions is rounded off by limit switches, position transmitters and solenoid valves.

Full Documentation

Electropneumatic Positioner Type 3730-2
Electropneumatic Positioner Type 3730-3 with HART® communication
FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus Positioner Type 3730-5 
Electropneumatic Positioner Type 3730-6 with HART® communication and pressure sensors

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